Just some of the ways our Father has responded to your prayers...

October 8, 2016

Here are the 4 ways we invited you to pray with us during the summer (that were posted on July 16) and a brief summary of how we have seen our Father respond... And be sure to flip over to the Praying page after you read what's below in case you haven't already gone there!

*wisdom to discern which 'doors of opportunity' to pursue during the 2nd half of 2016

Because of your ongoing prayer and financial support, I have noticed 2 'trends' this year.  First, as I have been free to focus on BTS full-time since July 2015, the number of "open doors" to serve those who serve has increased dramatically.  Second, there are more open doors than I can walk through!  As you may have already read in my entry on the Praying page of the website, praying this way for the BTS ministry continues to be appreciated!!! 

*for the increasing "band of brothers & sisters" reaching out to serve those who serve

As God continually guides me to come alongside those who serve, it has become more wise (and necessary) to 'network' with others who have the same heart for Christian leaders.  Recently, I have noticed that God has been bringing other serving-hearted folks to mind who I can introduce to those who I am serving!  And when I invite these folks to join me in encouraging those who serve, they have been eager to do so.   God is responding to your prayers in some very concrete ways in this area!

*for God's guidance and wisdom in assisting those in 'ministry transition'

This might be the area where I have seen our Father being "most active" since July and the only explanation seems to be that you are praying beside us.  Honestly, it seems that He has been guiding me beside someone 'in transition' once each week--if not more often.  Please continue to ask God to give me wisdom as I walk beside brothers & sisters who He may be guiding from one ministry to another...or from a 'secular' career into a full-time ministry.  From my perspective, it appears that God is moving and stirring in MANY lives in this way...not only in our country but all around the world! 

*for God to continue to guide and provide for BTS as He has during the past year

Probably the best way for you to get an update of how God is guiding in this area would be to read the 10/8/16 post on the Praying page (which you may have read already!).  These next several months will be pivotal in some of the ways that I mentioned on the Praying post.