An Inspiring Band of Brothers & Sisters...

As I mentioned in the email, it was difficult to narrow down the number of inspiring examples to three!  Here are 3 of the many examples of the growing number of folks I "have caught" who are intentionally reaching out to those who serve Christ:

+One brother initiated a conversation on the sidelines of his child's sporting event with a Christian leader whose child was also involved.  Many months and many conversations later, this brother has become a prayer partner to this hurting Christian leader who has been going through a challenging yet exciting transition into a new ministry!

+An others-centered sister has spent the last several months forming a long-distance relationship with a missionary wife who has gone through an intense time of grieving.  This sister, who has also personally faced a similar loss in the past, has provided a special gift to this dear opportunity for her to share her heart with someone who understands but is a safe haven because she is not on the missionary's leadership team.

+A youth pastor maturely chose to lead his youth group on a "behind the scenes-type" of ministry week rather than create a "big splash" in the inner-city.  He focused his team's time and serving energy on a young couple who has recently married and begun a ministry in an urban area.  This young couple was deeply impacted, as were the students on the team as they experienced the joy of serving those who serve!

And yes, this is where you can feel free to add an example of someone you have "caught being a servant" of those who serve...and like me, you can keep their identity anonymous!