Past BTS "Team" Trips*

Although the majority of BTS trips involve Steve travelling "solo" throughout the Eastern U.S., others have recently been joining him more often on both domestic and foreign trips (especially since he transitioned into his 'full-time focus' in July of 2015)...


+CENTRAL OHIO--September 2012 (6 members)

     +BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA--November 2013 (3 members)

          +NEW MEXICO--June 2014 (4 members)

               +BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA--January 2015 (6 members)

+BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA--November 2015 (2 members)

     +NORTHEAST OHIO--July 2016 (4 members)

          +BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS--December 2016 (2 members) 

               +NORTHEAST OHIO--September 2017 (8 members)

+CARIBBEAN TRIP--October 2017 (2 members)

     +HONDURAS TRIP--February 2018 (2 members)

          +CARIBBEAN TRIP--April 2018 (2 members)

               +MOLDOVA TRIP--April/May 2018 (2 members)

+CARIBBEAN TRIP--October 2019 (3 members)

+MOLDOVA/UKRAINE TRIP--April 2019 (2 members)

+KENYA/ETHIOPIA TRIP—April/May 2019 (3 members)

*Expenses of each trip were covered by the BTS Fund and each trip was prayerfully supported by BTS-ers as well


Looking back on the BTS journey...

Although the ministry of Behind the Scenes was already in motion before the "official launch" in January 2011, the shape & form of the ministry has been continually molded by our heavenly Father as we have tried to remain "pliable" in His strong, guiding hands. If you are interested in how God has led us and some of the forms this ministry has taken, the best way to do that would be to read as many of the past "quarterly" updates as you would like! In the list below, you will find the most recent updates toward the top with the season and year they were sent (and beginning with the Summer of 2015, updates can be found on this new website...mostly on the Praying page). In order to read these past updates, simply click on the links below....

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