**Investing in BTS...

If you desire to give above & beyond what you already "invest" in your church and other ministries you support, there are two ways you can give toward the ministry of BTS.....

+You can make out a check to Behind the Scenes and send it by snail mail to:

Behind the Scenes c/o Steve Adriansen 5810 Old Sherwood Drive Commerce, MI 48382

+Or you can click on the 'Donate to BTS' button below and follow the steps to "give online" (please be aware that BTS is charged 3% of each gift given online for an internet processing fee)

(Because BTS is an "IRS-approved" 501(c)3 non-profit organization, your entire contribution is tax-deductible and you will receive an annual contribution statement shortly after the end of each calendar year in which you give to BTS.)

**During the month of March 2019, all donations made to BTS were set aside for BTS foreign-soil trips and were matched by a $10,000 gift from a couple who desires to encourage those who serve our Savior on the mission field. (As of March 31, $10,290 was given and the full $10,000 matching gift was received.)

Donate to BTS